Karnataka: Congress leader BK Hariprasad stoops low, calls rebel MLAs 'prostitutes'

Wednesday, 18 January 2023 (13:28 IST)
Bengaluru: Senior Karnataka Congress leader BK Hariprasad has stirred a hornet's nest by making a derogatory statement against party MLAs who deserted the BJP.
Hariprsad compared the rebel Congress MLAs and Tourism Minister Anand Singh with "prostitutes."
Singh is among the 17 rebel Congress and JDS MLAs who resigned from the party and crossed over to BJP to form the government by reducing the Congress-JDS government to a minority government.
Hariprasad criticised Singh, saying within a year after winning the Vijayanagara assembly seat on Congress ticket, he joined hands with the BJP to gain a ministerial berth.
"Earlier when the public didn't vote any party to power with full majority, we formed a coalition government in Karnataka, but some MLAs behaved like those women who sell their bodies for the sake of their livelihood, we call them prostitutes, what you call these legislators who sold themselves?" he said on Tuesday evening.
"You have to teach a lesson to the local MLA who sold everything including his self-respect," Hariprasad said in an indirect attack on Singh.

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