Israel-Hamas war: IDF reports highest daily troop loss


Tuesday, 23 January 2024 (17:13 IST)
Israel has recorded its heaviest losses in Gaza since the start of the war, with 24 soldiers killed within 24 hours.
The death toll for one day is the highest that Israel has recorded since launching its offensive following the October 7 Hamas terror attacks.
One incident in which 21 soldiers died heightened the losses. Military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said militants had fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a tank near the soldiers who were preparing explosives to demolish two buildings.
An explosion occurred at the same time in a two-story building, triggering the collapse of the edifice onto the Israeli soldiers.
"We are still studying and investigating the details of the event and the reasons for the explosion," Hagari told an early morning press briefing on Tuesday.
The incident is the single deadliest event for Israeli troops since the start of Israel's current war against Hamas.
Netanyahu calls for probe of solider deaths, vows 'absolute victory' in Gaza
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will press on with fighting in Gaza until "absolute victory," despite his country's military suffering its heaviest day of losses so far in the territory.
"Yesterday we experienced one of the most difficult days since the war erupted," said Netanyahu. "In the name of our heroes, and for the sake of our own lives, we will not stop fighting until absolute victory."
Netanyahu said the military was "investigating the tragedy" of a single incident in which 21 soldiers were killed when buildings exploded in central Gaza on Monday.
Israel's military says Gaza's Khan Younis surrounded
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it has surrounded the southern Gazan city of Khan Younis and that it has killed "dozens of terrorists" amid heavy fighting in the past 24 hours.
Israel says the city, the second-largest in the territory, is a stronghold of the Khan Younis Brigade of Hamas, which is listed as a terrorist group in the United States, Europe, and other countries.
"Over the past day, IDF troops carried out an extensive operation during which they encircled Khan Younis and deepened the operation in the area. The area is a significant stronghold of Hamas' Khan Younis Brigade," the military said.
"Ground troops engaged in close-quarters combat, directed [air force] strikes, and used intelligence to coordinate fire, resulting in the elimination of dozens of terrorists," it said.

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