Maoists kidnap minor tribal girl for caring colleagues ailing with covid, girl escapes dragnet

Tuesday, 27 July 2021 (22:03 IST)
Kakinada: The Maoists of Sabari dalam have abducted a minor tribal girl of Venkatapuram village in Chintur circle in the agency area, to provide nursing care to their leaders who were infected by Covid but sheltered in their hideouts fearing danger from police.

The hapless parents after the Maoists whisking away their daughter at point of guns on July 17 had preferred a police complaint the next day fearing danger to their lives. The Maoists took the girl to their hideout in to the deep forest where their top leaders were bedridden infected by the deadly covid. She was made to serve them providing nursing care.

However, the girl who is also suffering from fever after week days of captivity gave a slip to the Maoists on July 23 and traced by locals near Dongalajaggaram who taken her to the Chintur police. On hearing her tale of woe, the Police provided her medical treatment at the community health center and restored her to the parents on Tuesday.

Superintendent of Police Ravindranath Babu while confirming the incident said the police had acted promptly and registered a case of kidnap. He told UNI that the incident speaks volumes about the present state of affairs with the Maoists who were equally affected by the pandemic and in a disarray.

The police have definite information that many of the Maoists both rank and file are suffering from covid. Instead of losing precious lives they should come out and get the medical treatment.

Already the DGP Gowtham Sawang had advised the covid affected Maoists to come out and avail the medical treatment without any fear.

The police would ensure safe passage for their treatment. The invitation holds good even now as such the Maoists families should advise those in hideouts instead of suffering to come out and secure better medical care.

The family members should also advise them to come back to national main stream availing the police assurance for their safe passage and rehabilitation, he added. (UNI)

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